A couple firsts for me!

I am excit­ed by a cou­ple of firsts today: 1. Had my first WSPR QSO with VE1RG on 14.076.5 this morn­ing. 5 watts is overkill using this mode…it and JT65A rep­re­sent the state-of-the art QRP modes in my opin­ion. Love this stuff! I will tell you, this ter­res­tri­al use on HF of WSJT sure gives me encour­ange­ment for VHF/​UHF moonbounce…A long-time aspiration …

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On QSLing

I am hav­ing a new batch of QSLs print­ed up. I am tak­ing a mul­ti-pronged approach, and try­ing a cou­ple of ven­dors this time. 1. I am a big fan of cus­tom QSLs, and hav­ing a graph­ic design­er wife (very expen­sive in the form of shoes and hand­bags) it is quite achiev­able for me. My recent iter­a­tion is some­thing that I have been toy­ing with over the …

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LoTW Amazement

I am so shocked! LoTW shows 49 con­firmed states on RTTY from the contest…all except NE, which of course had to be like rare DX to me. So now I need to find a NE RTTY user that also uses LoTW. Hmm, do I put a call out on the yahoo forum or fish on 80M?

Old Man with Radio

Deep down inside, I am sim­ply a nerd. And of all of the clas­si­fi­ca­tions, I prob­a­bly belong to the nerdi­est class of all: Radio Ama­teur. I am not ashamed of my “sta­tus,” I rev­el in it, in fact. I hope to pro­duce more evi­dence as such in the com­ing weeks.