Promises, Promises.

Hamven­tion. It’s all about the peo­ple really.

What makes Hamven­tion spe­cial for me is the asso­ci­a­tions with my fel­low men and women who share in my radio hob­by. Hang­ing out with peo­ple you typ­i­cal­ly only hear, not see, on the radio…carrying on, learn­ing the lat­est tricks and gos­sip, break­ing bread, hatch­ing plans. With plans come promises.

So, my bud­dy Matt W1MSW and I promised to reboot our blogs. We pledged this to our­selves and to every­one who were lis­ten­ing (they weren’t any oth­ers), and now so with this promise comes action. Weblogs suck when not updat­ed, so the first order com­mit­ment to each oth­er and our­selves is to make sure our blogs don’t suck. This means mean­ing­ful updates made, and not just with a bunch of mum­bling crap that does­n’t mat­ter and amounts to noth­ing. Sort of like this post.

Ham radio man­i­festos and rant­i­ng to follow…stay tuned.

Use­ful radio stuff is to be found here­in. Here there be dragons.