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                 CQ WW RTTY WPX Contest

Call: WF7T
Operator(s): WF7T
Station: WF7T

Class: SOAB LP
Operating Time (hrs): 30
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs
  80:  222
  40:  288
  20:  172
  15:   93
  10:    0
Total:  775  Prefixes = 332  Total Score = 637,440

Club: Tennessee Contest Group


First off, thanks to all for the QSOs. While I am sure I tested the patience of
some ops (my first foray into SO2R) I am generally happy with my performance,
gaps and lapses aside. My goal was 700 Qs and 350 Pfx. Missed much of DX mults
and points as I do not play well on 20/15M (and marginally on other bands as well!)
but then again I will take any Q I can get.

Wow 15M was loud on Saturday morning! I got there too late to matter but dang!
40/80 were very strong from here to EU as well. Even heard JA on 40M which is a
rare treat on my wires.

Nice to work so many familiar calls and so many new ones.

73 Brad WF7T
Nashville, TN


IC-7600 & FT-857D, 100W
[email protected]', Inv L 40'x50', 40M bi-square
N1MM 11.2.3/MMTTY (AFSK), YCCC SO2R+ controller

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I am quite pleased with this out­ing. I usu­al­ly do quite well in the WPX, and this year two changes real­ly made a big dif­fer­ence: Bi-square for 40M point­ed toward EU and SO2R oper­a­tion. The EU-fac­ing 4oM bi-square helped me get more 6 point QSOs. SO2R helped keep a sig­nal a band all the time.

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