Tick steals my mojo!

Suf­fered through July recov­er­ing from Rocky Moun­tain Spot­ted Fever (foot­note: don’t get this unless you have a month to waste feel­ing absolute­ly mis­er­able and enjoy mas­sive dos­es of antibi­otics). My extreme­ly low ener­gy lev­el has kept me from the radio. Haven’t felt like con­test­ing much.

Skipped WAE CW, missed three ses­sions of Thurs­day Mad­ness, had work com­mit­ment dur­ing NAQP CW and not sure would have shown up if I were home. This damned tick stole my mojo!

So I still have a bunch of stuff I need to do in prepa­ra­tion for fall start­ing with the Ten­nessee QSO Par­ty. My par­tial list:

- Wire yagi point­ing W for 20 and 10M
 — Replace 20M EDZ with 80M dipole with lad­der-line feeder.
 — Install 40M loop for N/​S
 — Get some­thing in the air for 160M
 — Move sta­tion back to spi­dery basement
 — Make up some coax­i­al stubs for SO2R (man­u­al­ly switched)

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