New States on Hell…

Man­aged to get two more states on Feld-Hell this evening, and also gave out two first QSOs. Ah, accom­plish­ment! In addi­tion to Feld-Hell, we also changed modes to MFSK16 and Olivia after that. MFSK16 was great at 2W on his side, 5W on my side, with a tuner-upper in the mid­dle. On Olivia we had to QRO to 10W!

Both MFSK15 and Olivia are great key­board-to-key­board rag-chew­ing modes. Noth­ing beats per­haps the best QRP mode out there, cur­ren­ty WSJT either JT65A or WSPR.

Think­ing about a breed of DIY xcvrs (ala-Steve-Melt Sol­der-Weber KD1JV or Tony-Soft­rock-Parks KB9YIG or Ash­har “BITX20” FarhanVU2ESE)…why do all DIY home­brewed Xcvrs need to be for CW? 5 – 10W on the dig­i­tal modes men­tioned above is more than enough, espe­cial­ly when the band is open. Heck, even PSK31 is good at that lev­el (if you don’t mind talk­ing to a macro…ouch! I’m being ugly!”

By the way, I called and had come back to me an Ida­ho sta­tion on 75M…I for­got my pow­er was set to 11 Watts. I could have prob­a­bly com­plet­ed the QSO at that lev­el as well but condx were rough and I QROed to 100W. Still, QRP makes a guy think real­ly hard about pos­si­bil­i­ties, espe­cial­ly when pro­poga­tion is good.

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