LoTW Triple Play Award Completed

I have been con­firmed and award­ed LoTW Triple Play Award #123!

I am quite pleased with this award…it was not ter­ri­bly dif­fi­cult, but did present some logis­ti­cal chal­lenges. I worked K0TUP this morn­ing (asked via email for a sched­ule on 40M) and he con­firmed right away. ARRL Awards Admin­is­tra­tors were able to turn this around and give me cer­tifi­cate #123 by this evening.

Worked KD7HUO on 40M SSB for my phone con­tact for the award. Super nice guy liv­ing in Billings. We exchanged some pleas­ant con­ver­sa­tion since I also lived in MT (licensed as WN7EJS in Mis­soula), I had to sign since there were so many peo­ple call­ing him. Hope we get a chance to chat again.

The LoTW sked page has been invalu­able, and the gang who hang out at 3.618 are a great bunch. I nev­er real­ly thought of myself as hang­ing on 75M, but I come home and switch on the radio to this fre­quen­cy and enjoy “read­ing the mail” and giv­ing out Ten­nessee to any­one who needs it.

I have also con­firmed my endorse­ments for 40M, CW, Phone WAS. May apply for the stick­er for my com­bined WAS award, but I am work­ing now towards the 5BWAS. It is slow going, but I fig­ure the con­test sea­son this year may pro­vide a few more con­tacts. Chas­ing WAS is fun!

WA7OM in Ari­zona just con­firmed prob­a­bly the first award­ed WAS using Feld-Hell from the Feld-Hell Club. He has a great sig­nal and it was only a mat­ter of time. I quite enjoy Feld-Hell, along with JT65A on HF, and I will be focus­ing my atten­tion towards these modes quite a bit now. I am also slow­ly work­ing addi­tion­al states on 160M…high SWR on my G5RV, poor lit­tle trans­mit­ter lim­it­ing my pow­er to around 10W which prob­a­bly means my ERP is around 1W (or less!)…I have still man­aged to work 28 states! I can’t wait until I put up a real antenna!

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