HRD 5.0 Beta Zero, HRD 4.1 One

I ran with Ham Radio Deluxe 5.0 for about a week, and it is still too bug­gy for me to use. 

  • DM780 will not allow focus to move to any oth­er win­dow while transmitting
  • DM780 had prob­lems with decode of PSK31 sig­nal, requir­ing reboot (sor­ry Pedro HI8JPJ)
  • HRD Log­book Cor­rup­tion of a Log data­base record when try­ing to edit call­sign. It took the pre­vi­ous call­sign in the log. When I fixed it, the next call­sign took the “cor­rect­ed” call­sign of the pre­vi­ous. Had to delete and inport an ADIF to cor­rect the entry.

I want 5.0 to work, but it just isn’t ready for my use yet. I am pri­mar­i­ly exit­ed to have the log­book decou­pled from the applications…looks like I need to wait for a bit more maturity.

And they real­ly need to build in LoTW log­ging automa­tion in a big way.

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