Whiskey Foxtrot Seven Tango



3/12 is when it happened…my first satellite QSO. Thanks KX9X, you broke me Sean…

…but in a good way. So here’s what went down.

Sean KX9X, Ward N0AX, Kirk K4RO, and Scott W4PA and us were all hanging out over at the Spurious Emissions band secret hide-out. I noticed that Sean had his Arrow antenna with him as he is prone to do when he travels. My interest was piqued, since I have wanted to get involved with the LEO satellites since AO-7 got put into orbit in 1975 (?).

At one point during the early evening, he announced that he was going to work some satellites–SO-50–and that anyone who wanted to observe needed to follow him out to the yard. Like a puppy, I was there at his side. First there was nothing, then there was something. Then the signals built to full-quieting. I was stunned. Sean made a few contacts then shoved the mic into my face. So I did. First got NS3L in PA for my first contact, then followed quickly with KM4LAO, NP4JV and K8YSE. I was hooked.

What fun!

I had no idea what I was doing, but I sure wasn’t that hard. Later Sean gave me the lowdown on what I needed to do in order to get my own thing going.

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