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DXCC, Finally…

DXCC, Finally…

I just submitted my application for DXCC via LoTW. This has been an achievement I have fantasized for my entire time I have been licensed.  Thanks to RZ0AF Andrei I submitted my application today.

RZ0AF Andrei just confirmed this morning! We are among the regulars that hang out at Andy K3UK’s LoTW schedule pages. Andy’s spotter and sked page was instrumental in my getting the Triple Play WAS award. RZ0AF confirmed both zone 18 as well as being 100 for DXCC; although Asiatic Russia is not a rare country (need #320 at clublog.org)  I have not heard zone 18. Plus Andrei is a LoTW user!  Seems like a good trade:  he gives me Zone 18 and DXCC Confirmed #100 and I give him TN confirmed on 4 modes (SSB, CW, RTTY, PSK63)

I first learned about DX operations from my Grandfather (sk, ex: KE4NO, W7LNF, W5UHS, W2QBH, W3DST).  The idea that he could talk to JY1 King Hussein of Jordan on the radio boggled my mind, and there was a QSL card proving it.  I used to stare at this card kept in the drawer of my grandfather’s shack desk.  By the way, the oak shack desk was also his office/guest bedroom where I would sleep when I visited.

I am NOT a rabid DXer, I am more a fair-weather DXer.  I am more a contester than DXer.  Most of the DX garnered is from contest operation, where the stations are considered very well-appointed.  You know, the super-stations designed to hear puny signals from all parts of the globe extracting ever more amazing Rate and Mult.  After all, I have a low wire and 100W.  That’s it! Nothing more fancy.


  • My first DXCC was N8S the Swains Island DXpedition on 4-7-2007
  • My 100th DXCC confirmed was Andrei RZ0AF on 4-25-2010
  • I have worked 137 total DXCC (mixed mode) countries as of 4-25-2010
  • According to Clublog.org, it took 12493 QSOs to produce my DXCC result from 4-7-2007 – 4-25-2010
    • CW: 46.36%
    • SSB: 12.69%
    • Data: 40.95%
  • According to HRD Logbook 2565 of 12493 were actual DX stations (Canada is DX!) and I had over 9100 contest QSOs.
  • Of 9K contest QSOs, 2025 were with DX stations
  • Almost all contacts were made using either an R5 vertical or G5RV barely at 30 feet with wires oriented N-S…Mostly the G5RV.
  • All contacts were made using 100W or less, using Yaesu FT-857D with 250Hz and 2.4KHz crystal filters.
  • Average sunspot count during the span from 4-7-2007 to 4-25-2010 was 4.7 (taken from data on http://www.ips.gov.au/Solar/1/6 since NASA’s FTP site seems to be borked.)

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