Whiskey Foxtrot Seven Tango

DFCW 30M Bea­con (10.140052 Mhz) is cur­rently off-​air.

If you have inter­est in the ram­blings of a mad­man check my sta­tion log.

CQ Zone 4
Grid: EM66
Nashville, Ten­nessee (TN) in David­son County (also the state capital)

QSL Info: LoTW (pre­ferred), eQSL, Direct, Buro. When sign­ing WF7T/​4 dur­ing con­tests I will upload logs to LoTW and eQSL in that for­mat. I am run­ning very very behind on my paper QSLs…my apolo­gies. I intend to rec­tify this in the com­ing months. Don’t give up on me!

I dab­ble in radio con­tests. The Ten­nessee Con­test Group is very active and com­prised of excel­lent con­test oper­a­tors. The Ten­nessee QSO Party is in the logs and I had a blast! Thanks to every­one who participated…see you in the next one!

I enjoy the North­ern Cal­i­for­nia Con­test Club’s Lad­der series. The NS Lad­der is a dif­fi­cult but reward­ing contest…one half hour of CW may­hem each week designed to sharpen oper­at­ing prac­tices and sta­tion engineering.

Active on all modes with spe­cial inter­est in JT65A on 160 through 10M. I will hap­pily try a new dig­i­tal mode if asked. I am not active on weak sig­nal modes on V/​UHF at this time (but hope to be).

I am very proud to have been awarded ARRL Triple Play WAS Cer­tifi­cate #123…good fun! A great group of folks will­ing to help out arrang­ing sched­ules towards any LoTW-​based WAS award through the K3UK spot­ting page: http://​www​.obriensweb​.com/​s​k​e​d​/​i​n​d​e​x​.​p​h​p​?​b​o​a​r​d​=​l​otw .

What is Feld-​Hell? For more infor­ma­tion on Feld-​Hell visit: http://​www​.feld​hell​club​.org

Another great spot­ting page is pro­vided VK3AMA, espe­cially for JT modes and Feld Hell: http://​hamspots​.net/.

As well, done for­get about Ping Jockey Cen­tral by N0UK for Ter­res­trial JT65A (and MS/​EME V/​UHF modes): http://​www​.chris​.org/​c​g​i​-​b​i​n​/​j​t​65​t​alk.

I had a new QRSS3 bea­con up and run­ning but it is not QRV until I get a ded­i­cated antenna up for 30M. When it is run­ning, use Argo or Spec­tran and check around 10.140052 Mhz for my DFCW trace. Send me an email with your grab if you see it!