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DFCW 30M Beacon (10.140041 Mhz or there abouts) has been is not on-air.

If you have interest in the ramblings of a contesting madman check my station log (aka slog)

CQ Zone 4
Grid: EM66
Nashville, Tennessee (TN) in Davidson County (also the state capital)

QSL Info: LoTW (preferred), eQSL, Direct, Buro.  When signing WF7T/4 during contests I will upload logs to LoTW and eQSL in that format.  I am running very very behind on my paper QSLs…my apologies.  I intend to rectify this in the coming months.  Don’t give up on me!  All caught up! If you are still owed a QSL, please contact me via QRZ.com and I will review.

I dabble in radio contests. I belong to the Tennessee Contest Group, and get to participate in contesting activites as my professional schedule allows. I have been recently part of the PJ4Q group in Bonaire during CQWW CW. More information about this later. Check my QRZ.com page for more info regarding my PJ4/WF7T operations over the past few years.

I enjoy the Northern California Contest Club’s Ladder series. The NS Ladder is a difficult but rewarding contest…one half hour of CW mayhem each week designed to sharpen operating practices and station engineering.

Active on all modes with special interest in JT modes on 160 through 10M. I will happily try a new digital mode if asked. I am not active on weak signal modes on V/UHF at this time (but hope to be in the future). I am also very interested in the 630M band.

I had a QRSS3 beacon up and running but it is QRV sporadically until I get a dedicated antenna up for 30M. When it is running, use Argo or Spectran and check around 10.140040 Mhz for my DFCW trace. Send me an email with your grab if you see it!